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This quilt was made to commemorate the 100th reunion of the descendants of Henry and Catherine Latshaw Detwiler held on August 17, 1996.  The reunion was held at the Detwiler Homestead on Yellow Springs Road in Cedar Hollow, Pennsylvania. The center block of the quilt contains an appliquéd tree representing Henry and Catherine Latshaw Detwiler's family tree. The twelve quilt blocks surrounding the center square represent each of the twelve children of Henry and Catherine and contain some historical information. Each family member present at the 100th reunion signed in the block of his / her ancestral branch. The quilt is representative of quilts made in the 1890's, the time of the first reunion. The blue print fabric is a replica of a print used then. The two color quilt (blue and white) was common. The quilt was made with 100% cotton material with cotton batting and hand-quilted with cotton thread. The quilt pattern, Ohio Star, was first published in Godey's Lady's Book in 1862. The lattice design (blue and white design between blocks) was taken from a Willow Oak appliqué quilt made in the 1840's (Shelburne Museum). This quilt was designed, pieced and hand-quilted by Martha Detwiler Weed. This quilt is the property of the Detwiler Reunion. Each year a family member’s name is selected in a random drawing and the quilt is displayed in that member's home for the following year.  The following is a record of the member's name and the year selected:

                                                        2017  The Paterson/Yankelitis Family

                                                        2016  Dave and Cecile Fetters

                                                        2015  Scott and Lisa Sifford

                                                        2014  Jean Sterner

                                                        2013  Noah Fetters

                                                        2012  Joe Schwartz

                                                        2011  Dave and Cecile Fetters

                                                        2010  Scott and Lisa Sifford

                                                        2009  Elmer and Sandy Funk

                                                        2008  Dave and Cecile Fetters

                                                        2007  Evan Rossman

                                                        2006  Charles and Donna Detwiler

                                                        2005  Scott and Lisa Sifford

                                                        2004  Scott and Lisa Sifford

                                                        2003  Sarah Mackey

                                                        2002  Sarah Smith

                                                        2001  Lisa Sifford

                                                        2000  Thelma Fisher

                                                        ???? Patterson/Yankelitis family