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The Detwiler “Coat of Arms” was adopted at the 110th reunion held on August 19, 2006. The design of the “Coat of Arms” was developed by Chris Fetters after doing much research on the internet on the Detwiler ancestry. Family members attending that reunion signed an autograph board which was combined with the “Coat of Arms”, framed and donated by Richard H. and Sandra Detwiler Lusch at the 111th reunion held on August 18, 2007. The “Coat of Arms” is the property of the Detwiler Reunion. Each year a family member's name is selected in a random drawing and the framing is displayed in that member's home for the following year. The following is a record of the member's name and the year selected.

               2017  Eric Fetters

               2016  Richard H. and Sandra Detwiler Lusch

               2015  Scott and Lisa Sifford

               2014  Richard T. Lusch

               2013  Zachary Zern

               2012  Eric Fetters

               2011  Thelma Fisher

               2010  Ryan Boyd

               2009  Dave and Cecile Fetters

               2008  Elmer and Sandy Funk

               2007  Albert Irvin Rapp

First version - A version of the crest logo is shown on the top left corner of the web pages.


Second Version - Is the Commemorative Signing of the official Detwiler Coat of Arms that was approved at the 110th Detwiler Reunion on August 19, 2006.