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April 8, 1724 Matthias VanBebber and wife Hermana of Cecil County granted to HANS  TOTTWEILER OF Bebbers Township, Philadelphia county for 25 pounds, 102 acres, 52 perches.
June 26, 1761 Will of Hans Dotwiler made on December 17, 1750 and proved on June 26,1761. (Philadelphia County will Book M pages 130 to 133).
September 15, 1793 Birth date of Henry R. Detwiler.
October 3, 1800  Birth date of Catherine Beary Latshaw.
November 30, 1821  Marriage of Henry R. Detwiler and Catherine Beary Latshaw.
August 17, 1873  Date of death - Henry R. Detwiler.
November 11, 1878  Date of death - Catherine Beary Latshaw.
September 30, 1897  First gathering of the Detwiler clan - held at Isaac Detwiler’s home.
August 15, 1903  6 surviving daughters and sons attend the reunion (Isaac, Mary, David, Abraham, Lizzie, and Susan).
August 17, 1907 Decision to hold the reunion on the 3rd Saturday in August.
August 20, 1910 Reunion officially organized – Harry L. Detwiler elected President.
August 20, 1921 No Reunion held because of death of Norman Detwiler.
August 18, 1923  Largest recorded number of attendees at a Reunion – About 300.
August 18, 1924  The Association went on record in favoring the movement of the Diamond Rock School Association which was formed to take care of the Diamond Rock School house and grounds.
August 16, 1947 Last Reunion Harry L. Detwiler served as President after 37 years.
August 21, 1948  Gerald Young elected as the first Reunion Vice President.
August 21, 1954 Reunion held in the Kimberton Grange Hall because of inclement weather.
August 19, 1967 First Reunion that was held at St. Peters Evangelical Lutheran Church.
August 18, 1984 First Reunion recorded that was held at Camp Innabah.
August 21, 1993 Smallest recorded number of attendees at a Reunion - 48.
August 17, 1996 100th Reunion held at Camp Innabah and the original family homestead in Cedar Hollow.
August 16, 2003 Time Capsule sealed and given to The Historical Society of the Phoenixville Area.
August 19, 2006

Detwiler “Coat of Arms” officially adopted by the Detwiler Family.

July 2006 Detwiler family started the family website:
October 2006 A CD containing the Detwiler genealogy was donated to the Historical Society of the Phoenixville Area and will be updated yearly by the Historian.
August 2007 A "Reunion Memories" book was initiated as an ongoing record of family members past and/or present memories.